Foum Zguid To Chegaga Tours

Introduce us - who is Bivouac les Nomades?

We were born and raised in the desert, in an environment of watching camels and sheep in the vast sahara of chegaga and lake iriki. Nomadic life was not our choice, but it was something we inherited. of our parents. Growing up like this, in the middle of the Sahara àgrave; following our parents and our relatives at; following the animals in a permanent search for water and green spaces. we have been pushed to create our company because we feel it is our duty to preserve the culture of the people of the region and support them with some income to save their lives. Dozens of people cooperate and provide services to your travels. Your visit is not just a sightseeing tour, but it is a real auspicious opportunity to change lives and bring joy and pleasure to all. many families.

Our tours are more mindful of culture, land and people. Our main goal is to help you; discover the Sahara by seeing different desert areas; including sand dunes, high mountains, oases, deep valleys and the dry Lake Iriki; and the big dunes of chegaga. In addition, we aim to; meet the inhabitants, ` to try their food and to have direct contact with them. Explore culture, traditions and more. We would like to assure you that you will definitely enjoy your travel experience with us and have a lot to look forward to. tell this topic.